"Lets Live Philly"

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Our History
  • 2018

    Live Philly Event Series

  • Live Philly Event Series

    May 27, 2018
    Hennessy Day Party, Brunch, etc.
  • 2017


  • Inception

    October 25, 2017
    We did a thing.


We are here to tell the story in an authentic way

Founder: Tyrone Dixon

Tyrone has over 8 years of experience in creating memories in the entertainment, sports, and music/arts field. "People are no longer satisfied with simply "hearing" a brand's message. Now it's the actual experiences we have with a brand that define its relevance—emotionally, socially and when it's time to buy... it needs to become a lifestyle."

Visual Communicator: Kyle Harris

Design Thinker and process creator, Kyle is armed with experience in managing brand transitions, image, and creative readiness.

Idea Connector: Jerome Whitener

Connecting the dots is where you want to call in this guy. His skills in customer service experience, people management and an overall avid lover of bringing people together; Jerome has a gift of “the right time, right place” when it comes to partnering and casting vision.

Director of Operations: Lauren "L.A." Dates

LA is the glue that keeps it all together. As a seasoned manager of operations and organizational well-management, she's the one that keeps us all in check.

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