Recording Tips

Orientation matters!

Hold your device horizontally to capture landscape footage at all times, even interview style or to capture tall objects.

Keep it steady…

Use both hands and tuck your elbows against your body for support while filming. Or, prop the device on a stationary object to leverage hands free support (thank us later).

Find the light:

Natural light is always good. It’s even better when the light hits you head on. When filming, make sure you are not against the light be in front. Example: If you’re filming inside, do not film with your back to the window. Instead face the window and hold the camera facing you as well. Here’s a picture:

Think like a filmmaker

Keep your shots short and tight, and shoot at varying angles for variety. Get wide, close-ups, b-roll, etc. Consider everything you would need once you sit down to edit your footage.

Don’t play yourself, bad audio means a bad video

Be mindful of your surroundings. A noisy air-conditioner, lawn mowers, incoming calls, etc. an killing a good video. As a general rule, try not to film more than five feet away from the subject who is speaking. Shoot multiple takes and choose from the best. PRO TIP: if you have the luxury of using 2 phones or an actual camera and cell phone – use one of the devices just for audio recording and the other to shoot the video. You can merge the files later