Upload Your Story

Looks like you’re all set! Below are two ways to get your footage to the Live Philly Team for consideration.

Old school – EMAIL

Simple right? You can email your submissions as an attachment to the Live Philly Casting Team. Be sure to include details so we can identify you and your content.

  • Your name and what you do for a living
  • Where you’re from (originally and now)
  • Overview/description of your submission and what you’re submitting for
  • Social media handles and contact information

If the file is too big, follow the steps below for another option.


Marketing@LetsLivePhilly.com – Please email a word document or note file that includes identifying information such as your name, location, and description of your submission. We’ll get back to you with a link to upload your file.

Questions? We’d be glad to address them. Just click here to get started.